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We’re building playlists and learning about great tunes, influentials artists, and social context along the way.

We pick a theme, and the lob tunes back and forth, taking turns to add to the list. Each list is done when it’s done. Current hotness: the greatest electronic dance tunes.

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“Move your Body (the House Music Anthem)” (Marshall Jefferson, 1986)

by Konrad Ok, wow. This was a four course meal. It took me THREE attempts to get through all the material, all the videos, and then properly digest and integrate the experience. Where to start… You are right, I did NOT see that coming!That said, aren’t most of life’s best moments actually surprises and serendipity?Your…

“Disco Inferno” (The Trammps, 1975)

by Jamie Ok- finally getting around to making my next pick.  Let me start by saying that this is NOT where I thought this would go.  I had a bunch of 80s tunes lined up but when you came out with an 80s dance track that says, “Wait. Hold my beer.  Watch this” to others…

“Hit That Perfect Beat” (Bronski Beat, 1985)

By Konrad Fantastic first back-and-forth volley. Portends well for where this can go. First, responses and comments on some of your initial notes, and then we’ll get to tha’ tunez. This isn’t intended to be a critical consensus on “the best” dance tunes of all time. Just a definitive list of the tunes WE love. So yeah,…

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